TURN (YOU &) YOUR KIDS FROM TALENTED TO NIKOLA TESLA IN 100 PROJECTS It’s not just a cool toy, it’s an electricity teacher and playmate.

Slide This is the IQube It’s a well-designed, app powered, hands-on educational kit that makes teaching and learning about electricity fun and simple.

Slide What Makes the IQube Awesome? Your own private tutor You won't be overwhelmed Learn actual circuits You'll definitely have fun The app teaches and challenges you at your own pace. And like a good teacher, it leads but not dictate you to the right direction. Playing shouldn't be difficult. You won't be asked to solve and do things without making sure first that you are ready for it. The lessons are meticulously designed, arranged and tested by world-class circuits teachers and engineers. You go from zero to parallel capacitors in no time. You and your kids won't be able to get your hands off it; building things that buzz, move or light up.

Slide It recognizes all the possible solutions for all the challenges. Your own private tutor Slide It knows how the cubes are connected and tells you whether it’s right or wrong. Your own private tutor Slide It gives you relevant clues if a wrong solution is submitted for a challenge. Your own private tutor

Slide First, you are introduced to the new things you need to learn Your won't be overwhelmed Slide Next, you will observe the new concept in action. Your won't be overwhelmed Slide Finally, you will start inventing things from your new-found knowledge. Your won't be overwhelmed

Slide Understand how everyday electrical objects work. Experience the decisions engineers go through to design and fix them. Learn actual circuits Slide Learn electricity as how world class teachers believe it should be taught. Learn actual circuits

Slide Hands-on play and learning! Magnetically snap the cubes together and start creating things. You'll definitely have fun Slide Build things that really buzz, move and light up. What you can do is limitless! You'll definitely have fun Slide Interact and control the cubes through the app. Go through the 100 included projects to be a master of electricity. You'll definitely have fun

Slide POWER SOURCE CUBE The Power Source is the heart of any IQube creation, providing the electricity that will produce the light, motion, and sound for your project. LARGE CAPACITOR CUBE This cube uses a 100uF capacitor. It functions like the Small Capacitor Cube, but stores more than twice the amount of energy. LARGE CAPACITOR CUBE This Cube uses a 47uF capacitor that stores electrical energy for use at a later time. Slide TERMINAL CUBE The terminal cube allows you to hack your project and connect external devices to it. Slide LIGHT SENSOR CUBE The Light Sensor measures the amount of light shining into it and adjusts the amount of electricity flowing into your project accordingly. RESISTOR CUBE Control the flow and level of electricity flowing into your project by adjusting the knob on the Resistor Cube. VOLTMETER CUBE The Voltmeter Cube measures the voltage level at any point of your project. Slide AMMETER CUBE The Ammeter Cube measures the level of electric current flowing through it. PUSH BUTTON CUBE The Push Button cube functions like the Switch - but with a twist. Push to activate your project, and release to deactivate it. SWITCH CUBE The Switch Cube is a simple on/off switch used to activate or deactivate your creations and projects. Slide BUZZER CUBE The Buzzer Cube produces sound, and adjusts its tone to reflect the amount of electricity flowing into the cube LAMP CUBE The Lamp Cube produces light and adjusts its brightness based on how much electricity it is receiving. FAN CUBE The Fan Cube produces motion and adjusts its speed depending on the amount of electricity flowing into the cube. Slide GROUND CUBE The Ground Cube provides the required return path for the electricity to flow back into the Power Source. Use this to complete your project or simplify your setup and design. WIRE CUBE The Wire Cube allows you to change the direction of the flow of electricity. It is four sided, allowing you to connect any other cube in any direction. Use it to connect multiple objects in parallel for a single project.