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Collect accurate data faster than traditional methods using drone technology

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Slide Atlantic Tech Group offers a cutting-edge survey system based on our customised professional-class drones for mining, aggregate, waste management and construction industries.


ATG can provide a fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective way to gather the data and images you need to manage your construction or development project. Compared to ground-based LIDAR imaging, aerial mapping can be 4-5 times faster and much safer. Compared to using conventional aerial photography, aerial mapping using drones is typically up to 90% cheaper.

Some of the typical applications for aerial mapping using drones include:

- Surveying and mapping prior to commencement of construction Identifying terrain and topographical features
- Creating mesh maps of existing buildings and structures
- Volumetric measurement of cut and fill areas
- Mapping and analysis of vegetation on site and surrounding the site
- Surveying and mapping after earthquakes, flooding and other disasters
- Mapping of archeological and historical sites
- Record of construction and development over time

Architects, engineers, developers, surveyors and builders are increasingly turning to aerial drone surveys because they can vastly reduce both the time and cost of collecting accurate high-resolution data for large sites.

Aerial mapping has a wide range of outputs depending on your particular needs and applications.

- Contoured elevation maps
- Area mapping and measurement
- Volume calculations for cut and fill
- High resolution images
- Historical comparisons

Survey Services

Slide Mining | Aggregates | Waste-management

Stockpile management is perhaps the most widely used worksite application for drones, and for good reason: drones have completely transformed this common workflow. The days of ‘walking a stockpile’ (the traditional approach whereby a surveyor takes measurements of numerous points on the each pile in order to calculate stock volumes within a spreadsheet) are surely numbered.

The ease of surveying stockpiles with a drone means data can be captured much more frequently, improving run of mine management and ensuring more consistent grades through the mill. At the same time, drones remove the risks that come with having survey personnel physically moving around the worksite.

In short, stockpile management alone can amount to an effective business case for introducing drones to any mining or aggregates worksite



Slide Construction

Drone technology is becoming a common element in any surveyor or site manager’s day-to-day toolkit. This is ushering in a new era in topographic surveying—enabling the capture of detailed site maps, including ground contours and existing features of the earth’s surface, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Drone data is already being used in many land development projects, from the early stages of planning and designing land subdivisions, through to pre-construction assessments, progress tracking and final ‘as-built’ surveying

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