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I just wanted to say thank you for the great introduction to PIVO. It's been such a great experience with the software and the device itself. It's so easy to use and understand, very user friendly. Your demonstration was great as well, it was easy to understand and you really marketed it perfectly, not only showing how it will help with our business but also how else the device or software can be used for so many other things. Our clients are also happy with the outcome of the tours of their properties as well as our agents. Once again thank you so much for everything. You've also always been available when I'm needing questions to be answered.

Megan Ackerman

Megan Ackerman

Seeff Plattekloof

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Sell more homes

Reach more clients by directly embedding virtual tours into your website. Add the full listing details and your contact information to sell homes even faster.

of buyers search for homes online

of clients are more likely to inquire about listings with 3d tours



What you need to get started


Pivo Tour brings you the marketing solution you need to sell more homes. Create an immersive experience for your clients with high-quality virtual tours that take minimal time and effort to make.


Enjoy the following benefits of Pivo Tour:

  • Seamless workflow: Capture, create, manage, and share in one place
  • Quick and simple: Lower the barrier of creating virtual tours in terms of time, learning curve, and manpower
  • Affordable: Make as many virtual tours for free without the need of expensive cameras and equipment

Please note that Pivo Tour is designed to be used in the following situations:

  • The user must have a Pod Black and a Pivo Account to sign into the Pivo Tour Mobile App.
  • The user must have a smartphone connected to the Pod Black.
  • This smartphone must be compatible with Pivo Tour, as referred to in the Pivo Tour Compatible Smartphones list.


Note: Pivo Tour is exclusively available for Pod Black.

Download Pivo Tour

  • First, download and open the Pivo Tour application from the App Store or Google Play Store 
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on to connect to Pod Black, and you have a WiFi connection to load your data
  • You can connect your Pivo Tour app to your Pod within the application before you start making a tour
  • Sign into Pivo Tour using your Pivo Account information. This will be the same ID and Password you use to sign into your Pivo Pod App

Apple_icon__download_app_.png  Google_icon__download_app_.png

How to Create a Pivo Account

In Pivo Tour, you have access to your Pivo Account information and can also make a Contact Profile for viewers of your tour to contact you by. You can access your account information in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Here, you'll see two tabs:


1. Contact Profile: This will be the public account viewers of your tours will have access to. Here you can update your:

  1. Profile picture
  2. Name
  3. Email address
  4. Contact phone number
  5. Facebook page
  6. LinkedIn page
  7. Description about you (i.e. what you do, where you work, who you are: be creative!)

2. Manage Account: This is your Pivo Account. You can edit your account information here. This account can be used to access all Pivo applications.

You can start creating a Pivo Tour directly from the main page in the Pivo Tour application at any time.


1. Press the Create Tour icon tour_red_2x.png at the bottom of the main page


2. Connect your Pod to the Pivo Tour app (please make sure Bluetooth is on)


3. Pair the Remote Control to the Pod Black (please refer to our Support Hub article on How to Pair Your Remote Control With Your Pod)

4. Press + button on the Remote Control to start capturing

5. Pivo Tour starts capturing. Wait until the processing is complete


6. Move to the next point

7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 until you have captured the whole space. We recommend capturing the entire floor in a single session


Once you finish capturing, you can Review each point. Here you can delete a point or retake it. To retake a point that you’ve just taken, simply press retake and then the + button on the Remote Control. To retake a previous point, simply follow the map back to that point and retake it in the same place.


Once you have captured each point, you can proceed to the next page. Here you can:


  1. View each point (by pressing on the image)
  2. Name each point (by pressing on unnamed__2_.png)

Press Next at the bottom of the page when done.


Note: Do not move or touch your Pivo set-up when it is capturing a tour to ensure for a seamless capture of the space. You can move around the smartphone while your Pivo is capturing to always stay out of frame.

The editing tool in the Pivo Tour app is the best way to customize your tours so that they are informative and eye-catching. You can edit your Tours in the Draft, Private and Public pages.



Throughout the editing process, you can save your progress with the Save button save.png in the top right corner of the page.


1. Edit thumbnail

The first part of your tour that you can customize is the thumbnail. Here, press edit thumbnail to choose from the following options:

  • Choose from scenes in tour
  • Take photo
  • Choose from library

Tip: If you are taking a photo or choosing a photo from your library, a panorama picture will fit best in the thumbnail.


2. Capture


The second part of your tour you can edit are the points within the tour. You can use this option to re-capture a room that wasn’t captured properly, or has had some pieces of furniture or decorations added to it.


Note: this option is only available when your tour is still in drafts. We will soon be bringing the option to add new capture points to your tour draft.


3. Review


Here you can review the captured points from your tour and delete or retake them as above. You can also edit the names of each point.


4. Floor


In this part of the editing process, you'll be able to add another floor and start capturing for the new floor. You can also name and add a floor plan to each floor. 


5. Descriptions


In this section, you can customize the more public description of your tour. Here you can add the following information about your listing:

  1. Tour Title
  2. Description
  3. Listing details
      • Price
      • Property size
      • Lot size
      • Bedrooms (number of)
      • Bathrooms (number of)
      • Label - create your own listing detail (e.g. Tennis Courts)
  4. Floors - here you can edit your floor details and add floors (refer to 4. Floor from above)
  5. Address - here you can search for the address in Google Maps or pin your current location as an address

6. Upload

With the Upload button, you'll be able to upload your tour draft into your Private Tours folder. Once you upload a tour, you cannot retake any points of the tour, so make sure you have checked each captured point.


Note: the uploading process requires data usage, so we recommend connecting to a strong WiFi.

Once you upload a tour from Drafts, it will automatically move to your Private Tours folder. Here, you can select your tours to view them. When you view your tour, you'll be able to see: 

  • The full virtual tour
  • Floor plan (if added)
  • Details (of the tour)


You can also delete and edit your tour here. You can edit the following information in Private Tours:

  • Thumbnail
  • Tour Title
  • Description
  • Listing details
    • Price
    • Property size
    • Lot size
    • Bedrooms (number of)
    • Bathrooms (number of)
    • Extra labels
  • Floors
  • Address


Throughout the editing process, you can save your progress with the Save button save.png in the top right corner of the page.

Once your tour is ready, you can upload it. To upload your tour go to ShareSettingsShare TourMake Public and simply turn the toggle on. You'll then be able to find this tour in your Public Tours folder. Here, you'll be able to view and edit the same information of your tour as above when it was in the Private Tours folder.



When your tour is public, you can select the tour and click the Share button box.png to share the URL. This button will take you to your smartphone’s sharing pop-up menu, where you can share your tour link with anyone.