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High resolution cameras with specialised cloud based platforms for building, structure, tower and roof inspections

Slide Drone Technology Powerful Analytics Actionable Information Customised professional-class drones and RGB/NDVI/Thermal camera systems State of the art cloud-based number crunching to make sense of the data Providing highly accurate and useful information to the people who need it


Atlantic Tech Group uses drones equipped with high resolution camera systems to allow for highly detailed cloud based inspections

The combination of advanced flight path techniques, high resolution cameras, long focal length lenses and specialised cloud based platforms allows for easy and extremely detailed desktop inspections of buildings, structures, roofs, towers and wind turbines. This saves time and allows safe inspection of hard to reach locations. Advances in AI are also assisting with identifying problem areas automatically saving further time.

3D models are generated to help visualise the structure

Quickly locate and identify problem areas through an intuitive desktop interface

Multiple user access allows easy sharing of identified areas of concern with other relevant persons

Measure distances and areas to help determine repair costs