Golf Skate Caddy - South Africa

Changing the way we play and think about golf

The Golf Skate Caddy is a new personal golf transport product that’s revolutionising the way we play and think about golf. The new product is taking the place of golf carts everywhere because of its many benefits, including less turf damage and optimal physical support for players. The Golf Skate Caddy is also innovating the way golf is played—instead of chasing after everyone’s golf balls in a golf cart, players can go directly to their ball and focus on their game, speeding up play time by up to 25 percent.

Golf Skate Caddy Features

  • Switch and Indicator Panel - Control speed settings, and monitor ride details
  • Bag Mount - Heavy duty bag and strap mount, to keep your clubs safe
  • Headlight - LED headlight to help find your ball
  • Umbrella - To protect you from the sun. Strong enough to cope with Cape Town winds
  • Divot Pourer - Helping you look after your course
  • Quick Release Seat - While you wait
  • Cooler Box - keep your beverages cool
  • Ball and Tee Storage - within reach
  • All Terrain Tyres - Easy on the course
  • 1000 W Brushless Motor - Fast and quiet
  • Ball and Tee Storage - within reach

Golf Skate Caddy - Great for Golf Courses

Reduced Course Wear

Seasoned golfers know all too well the damage caused by traditional carts on golf course turf. This is where the uniquely engineered Golf Skate Caddy steps in and makes its low impact on the world's golfing fairways.

Golf carts and other vehicles impact and wear down the turf by compacting the soil and damaging the grass itself. Several studies have analysed this damage, and by looking at the results of the ‘pressure’ on the green, it becomes clear why the Golf Skate Caddy creates less impact and reduced wear on the golf course fairways than more traditional modes of transport. 

How is the Golf Skate Caddy gentler on the course?

The Golf Skate Caddy impacts the green less than a golf cart because the surface area of the tyres making contact with the grass are significantly smaller than those of a traditional cart  reducing the overall footprint resulting in less wear and soil compaction. The actual impaction per square metre compared to a golf cart is potentially a massive 82% less on the surface area of the golf course and similar to or less than a golfer walking with a pull cart. Now that’s amazing !


Due to the relatively small ground contact area and a ground force pressure similar to a golfer on foot it has been demonstrated that the Golf Skate Caddy offers a significant reduction in course wear and tear and less maintenance compared to current popular modes of vehicular transport meaning more time for golf, and that’s important.

In essence, it makes sense for both clubs and players to take charge, and tee up with the Golf Skate Caddy

Technical Info

The damaged caused by various modes of transportation can be estimated by measuring the contact area of shoes or tyres by multiplying this over the total area covered during a round of golf. The following example illustrates the average area impacted while playing a 5700m golf course:

  • Walking golfer with golf bag = 120sq metres
  • Golf Skate Caddy with 7.5cm wide wheels = 1200sq metres
  • Self-balancing 2 wheel vehicle with gyroscopic control set up for golf with large 20cm wide turf tyres = 2200sq metres
  • Golf cart = 5745sq metres
  • Two golfers each using a golf cart = 11490sq metres

18-hole Traffic Impact Area

Calculations of areas impacted by walking, pull carts, and riding carts show the significant area of turf potentially damaged by carts when compared to walking golfers. One golfer per cart impacts approximately the same area as two golfers per cart. Two carts with one golfer in each cart potentially impact twice the area compared to golfers in one cart.


All forms of traffic cause some degree of compaction. This is typically an indirect problem commonly resulting in a reduction in turf vigour. The forces that contribute to compaction include the weight of the golfer or golf cart spread over the turf surface. The following example illustrates the amount of pressure exerted on the turf from the various sources.

Compression Pressure (PSI)

Calculations of actual compression show pressure on the heel of the foot while walking is equal to pressure from a four-wheel pickup with one rider. Turf area impacted must also be considered with compression pressure to get a true picture of the cause of vehicle turf damage


Golf Skate Caddy - More Fun To Ride

Can’t decide what to do on your day off. Golfing, skating, surfing or kiteboarding? With the revolutionary Golf Skate Caddy it's like doing all of the above at once.

Yes, playing golf can now be a more exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Not only can you incorporate elements of all of these activities into your one trip to the golf course, but you can have a relaxing fun day cruising the course, experiencing the views and inhaling the fresh air.

The game of golf should be about the experience and taking great shots. Trundling around in a golf cart can take away from that experience because of its limitations due its size and weight, and having to wait for the other person to take their shot – BORING!

Golf Skate Caddy riders use a side stance and shift their bodies weight left or right whilst holding onto the mono handle for stability. They accelerate and brake using the handheld trigger controller. When riding the Gold Skate Caddy the rider looks cool, balanced, athletic and in control. The caddy is decadently decked out with a golf bag front caddy, umbrella mounts, seat, chiller box, divot pourer, scorecard holder, golf ball and tee storage all as standard.

Andy Webb a pro golfer from Maryland in the US and currently living near Sydney, said, “It was really sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. It was great fun, easy to ride and really simple.”

And it’s not just a fun ride for the young skaters. “I’ve ridden the GSC at several Pro-Am tournaments, and the first question people ask is ‘You’re not going to ride that are you?’ followed three seconds later by, ‘Can I’ve a go?’", said Ossie Moore, the 55 year old host of The Golf Show.

The Golf Skate Caddy is the hoverboard of the golfing world and the future of golfing.

For your Golf Course

Attract new players and drive growth

The Golf Skate Caddy helps golf clubs improve profitability and attract younger players.

The improved profitability comes from the simple fact that faster games lead to more rounds, and more people visiting the 19th hole. For clubs, attracting fresh young players leads to increased membership levels as well as an increase in occasional golf player revenues. It may also provide more competition, possibly even encouraging the mature players to get out on the course more, as well as potentially accounting for increased pro-shop sales, food, beverages and green fees. 

The Golf Skate Caddy is the ticket to a faster and exhilarating game

Golf Skate Caddy Leasing Options

We have a number of leasing options available to your Golf Club. Give us a call to discuss the best way to offer the Golf Skate Caddy to your members. We can even offer corporate branding to ensure the Caddy's look the part outside of your club house.

36 / 48 / 60 month contracts are available. Get in touch: